Rein Hollar

                     Biographical Sketch


A former career military officer Rein was first licensed as a Realtor in 1988 and subsequently went into the mortgage business co-founding Four Star Mortgage with his wife Yvonne in 1991.  As a consistent top producer in the mortgage field Rein has been involved in well over 1000 real estate transactions.  He also managed to take a short hiatus from the industry and spent one and a half years as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch.   This background in financial planning allowed him to better serve his clients by providing mortgage and real estate services based on their overall financial goals and dreams.  Now focusing full time and exclusively on real estate sales, Rein has brought the proverbial “Paradigm Shift” to real estate.

This “Paradigm Shift” is his unique approach to real estate sales, utilizing an excellent non-traditional approach to assisting sellers achieve their goals.  As the co-founder of Stage It Hawaii, Inc., a unique and upscale staging company, he provides his clients with the best possible home presentation. This level of service is unmatched by the traditional Realtor.  Premier home staging is critical in selling your home in this changing market.   Rein will insure that your home is the best looking property in your market, allowing for a faster sale at a higher price.  As America in 2013 continues to undergo the most difficult economic change in its history, it is more important than ever to work with a Realtor that understands what it takes to generate buyer enthusiasm.  If your buyer does not go “wow” when they walk in your door they may not make an offer.

Coupled with the very necessary need to insure your home is the best looking one in its price range, it must also be positioned to appeal to the maximum number of home buyers.  This is where internet marketing becomes more critical than at any time in history.  Ninety Six percent of buyers search online first and insuring your home is available for viewing by the most search engines is absolutely critical.  This is where his website, Windward Lifestyle, excels as it draws new buyers on a daily basis.  Reins web presence and his ability to professionally stage your home will guarantee the greatest number of buyers for your home.

When not helping clients achieve their real estate dreams, Rein can be found windsurfing in Kailua Bay, golfing or spending time with Yvonne at their home overlooking Kaneohe Bay with their West Highland Terrier, Charlie.  Rein and Yvonne have twin daughters that currently reside in Washington State but are anxiously awaiting their return to the islands.



From Susan F.

“You and Yvonne have done such a wonderful job with our home. So far, three realtors have come by with potential buyers this morning. I know that the first visitor is making an offer. (Sold after first open house).”

From John L.

“You did what no one else was able to do. After trying to sell for over a year with a traditional Realtor, you brought us an offer in 17 days for more money than it would ever have received without the beautiful staging.”

From Mike B.

“The house looks outstanding! You certainly have a great eye for this. My daughter really loved the oversized spoon and fork in the kitchen! I'm glad we chose you after interviewing two other well known companies. Your service was over and above what anyone else would have done and we got $20,000 more than the last sale in the neighborhood. (First three buyers that saw it all put in offers)”

From Ken F.

“Wow. You took our $800,000 house and made it look like a Million Dollar house. It looks great. (Sold in first week for over $970,000 (easily $40,000 more than it would have been priced at without staging))”

From  Tom F.

After listing with our first Realtor for over 4 months with no activity we took the home off the market and were prepared to rent it.  You shared the advantages of home staging (our property was vacant) and did an awesome job in fully furnishing the home to look like a model home.  We got a great offer the week after the first open house and were very glad you shared home staging with us.

From Jim M.

You accomplished what three realtors before you could not.  While we recognize this did not end up a big money maker for you as a realtor, you continued to work hard for us every day.  It is difficult to put our gratitude into just a few words, but we thank God for you!