Whether you are buying your first home of your tenth home it is an always exciting but sometimes stressful experience.  My job, and the job of my website, is to make it more exciting and less stressful.  By allowing me to partner with you in your home search, I can help you avoid some of the challenges in finding the right home.  I want to work for you and bring my 25 years of experience into your purchase.


 Many Realtors will tell you they have seen it all, or done it all, and know it all. Experience and knowledge do matter and I assure you I have the experience you need and the market knowledge that will insure you find the right home and get the right price.  I have a multitude of relationships that will assist us in your home buying experience.  Knowing the right lenders, appraisers, insurance agents, home inspectors, and contractors can be very important to you in this process.

Communication throughout the process is what sets me apart.  Using the best technology available to keep you informed of what is going on in the market on a daily basis will allow you to make the best informed decision when buying.  I will educate you not only on the home your are considering, but the neighborhood, the historical data on the property, and many other nuances that will allow you to make the best decision since it is one of the biggest decisions of you life.

I not only will share with you what is available, but I will research properties for you that have gone off the market for one reason or another and many times we will find you a home that no one else is aware of.  Statistically, on a national level, 50% of homes do not sell the first time they are put on the market.  I will find those and share them with you.


We recognize that over 90% of buyers use the internet to assist them in looking for a new home. That is why we have spent a great deal of time, money and effort, in providing you with the fastest, most comprehensive website available for viewing real estate online. We give you full access to the Realtor Multiple Listing Service and do it in a unique and user friendly manner that allows you to view everything you like in a logical manner.  We do ask you that you sign-up for our totally FREE service and we do that to enable us to provide you with updates as they become available and allow you to store and save your favorite homes.  You are 100% in control of your search and this allows you to manage the entire process and consolidate information exactly as you would like.


For a detailed explanation of the entire buying process or assistance in navigating our website please contact me at any time.  It’s al about helping you fine the home that will allow you to life the Lifestyle of your dreams.