Ko'olina is the new home of MICKEY MOUSE here on the Island as the new Disney Hotel was opened recently.  While you may not see Mickey if you choose to live here you will have a great golf course, a brand new marina for your new boat, and three man made lagoons to lounge around when you feel like living the Hawaii Lifestyle.  The here are a number of single family homes in the area but also quite a few townhomes and condominiums.  Some of the homes might be in the $400K range but the average would probably climb into the high $600K range.  It is well out on the west coast of the Island so it tends to have homeowners that work in the Ewa Plain, are retired and do not have to be concerned with traffic, or just choose to live in a beautifully designed community.  If you need to commute to Honolulu, this may not be your choice as regardless of what anyone tells you, the commute is not fun.


Ko'Olina Homes for Sale