The North Shore is synonomous with Haleiwa so your search here will mirror a search of Haleiwa wtih some smaller adjacent neighborhoods included.  Haleiwa (pronounced Holly-eeva) got its name from the hotel built there in 1898. In Hawaiian it means Hale "house" and Iwa which is actually a "frigate bird".  I guess he may have meant "bird house" but probably not.  Haleiwa is synonymous with "North Shore" here on the Island as are used somewhat interchangeably.  The population is around 4000 until the winter months when the famous north shore waves draw surfers from all over the world, and the population goes through the roof.  The big surf days in the winter also draw a constant stream of tourists from all over the island to watch young men risk a lot for the thrill (being scared to death on the face of a 40 foot wave might also be called a thrill) of surviving in unbelievable sized waves.  Lives are lost every year as surfers push their limits against a very unforgiving ocean and picture taking tourists are swept of the rocks trying to get one more photo up close (too close).  Its a great place in the summer as well as there are very small waves and great diving and snorkeling take the place of death defying surfing.


North Shore Properties for Sale

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61-779 Papailoa Road, Haleiwa

Welcome to Hale Komodo: Stunning, handcrafted perfection. An architectural masterpiece and exquisite fusion of Balinesian, Hawaiian and "primitive modern" design. Incorpo...

  • Beds5
  • Baths7
  • MLS201509388

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59-178 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa

Incredible 200' Ocean views from 107.9 acres across infamous Sunset Beach on Oahu's beautiful North Shore! Rare, pristine, incomparable parcel! Subdivide or builld your 4...

  • MLS201506281

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56-501 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku

ALMOST A MILE OF BEACH FRONT WITH 122 ACRES OF GOLF COURSE GROOMED ROLLING LAND. Fee simple, pristine beach front for sale. Create your own private getaway complete with ...

  • MLS201520317

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56-205 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku

BEACHFRONT - Hale Ohana O Kekai, Family House by the Sea – one of Oahu’s most beautiful & architecturally significant estates with 103ft of beach frontage on Malaekah...

  • Beds7
  • Baths7
  • MLS201515172

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59-779 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa

Referred to as "The Fortress", this PRIVATE OCEANFRONT PROPERTY is located on a point between Waimea Bay and Three Tables Beach and is protected by a natural seawall. Bui...

  • Beds5
  • Baths5
  • MLS201501796